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Rain Logger
Wind Log MKIII Weather Station

Complete battery operated Rain data Logger

The RainLogger is a complete package containing a RainLog data logger, RL-Loader 2 software and polypropylene rain collector and mounting mast. The tipping bucket rain gauge is calibrated to 0.25 mm per tip.

Our new generation RainLogTM 2.0 data logger provides an economical method of logging rainfall at a remote location where power is not available.  This battery operated logger fits inside of the tipping bucket rain gauges and will log total rainfall at a one-minute resolution for up to a year.  It can easily be unplugged and connected to the USB port of a computer.  The RainWise RainLogTM 2.0 comes with our free Windows based ‘RL-Loader 2’ software.  RL-Loader 2 is used to download and configure data from the RainLogTM 2.0.  Data is displayed in both text and graphical formats that can be printed directly to generate reports and perform analysis.  Data can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel.  

One year capacity – both logger and battery supply.
One minute time/date stamp resolution.
2MB of memory.
USB connectivity
Powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries.
Windows® software included.

RL-Loader 2 - Software
This free Windows based software package will run on Windows 98 or later. RL-Loader is used to configure and download data from the Rainlog. Data is displayed in both text and graphical formats. You can print graphs and reports directly.

Previously saved data can be loaded to perform analysis and generate reports. The latest release can export data directly into Microsoft Excel. The device info window gives you vital information about the attached Rainlog, like its time/date and the amount of memory used. The text window displays daily totals or the list of rainfall events as they occur. The graph window displays a bar chart of the daily rainfall totals. The graphing range is also configurable. Leading the way in technological development

Price: R 4250.00ea excl VAT


Complete battery operated Wind data Logger

High Capacity, Low Cost Wind Data Logger
The WindLog™ is a compact, inexpensive wind data logger, designed to meet the needs of people considering the purchase of a wind turbine. While many people rely on wind maps to assist them with this purchase decision, these maps don’t provide the detailed information for a specific area. The WindLog allows you to do your own accurate wind study to optimize your turbine placement and its performance, once installed.

2 MB of flash memory stores over a years worth of wind data at a 10 min logging interval.

Operates on 3 AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries.
Uses USB power when connected to a computer.
USB port provides fast downloads.
Free Windows software.

Logs average speed, wind gust and average direction.

User selectable logging intervals from 1 minute to 1 hour.

The wind logger operates on three AA batteries. Battery life will depend on the environment and logging rates. Typical life should be around 6 months. Lithium batteries are recommended for cold environments. When connected to a computer the WindLog will use the USB ports power to run. This further extends the life of the batteries.

The Mini-Aervane wind sensor is equipped with low friction race bearings. This reduces the threshold to approximately 1 mile per hour.  The wind direction sensor has a 16-point resolution. Logged direction readings are averaged readings.

The WindLog samples every second. Both average and gust readings are stored at the selected interval. With the new 2 MB memory the logger can record for over 3 months at 1 minute rate.
WindSoft - Free Windows Software Package
Each WindLog ships with a free Windows based application, WindSoft. The software uses a SQLite database to track and record wind information.

While connected, WindSoft will update the database every minute. Downloaded data is integrated into the database. By combining both logged and real-time data the WindLog can be used both online and offline.

WindSoft, can generate statistics, graphs and reports. It also can export CSV files for use with Microsoft Excel or any other application that supports CSV files.

The WindLog ships with a 15 foot USB cable. This is the maximum standard USB cable length.

A support mast is included with the WindLog. This mast can be used with the Rainwise Mono Mount, and tripod. The mast may also be attached to a support structure using U-Bolts or lag screws.

Price: R 4850.00ea excl VAT


Complete Weather Station Computer Package

The MK-lll Computer Package

With the CC-3000 computer interface and weather data logger for use with a computer.

The foundation of every RainWise weather station package is the MK-III sensor assembly.  The MK-III is the most accurate, easy-to-install and durable weather station available. This station comes fully assembled, is 33 inches high and weighs just over 7 pounds.

Each CC-3000 is shipped with a free version of Weatherview32 V8 Home Edition. Upgrades are available.

Standard package contains:
MK-lll-RTI Weather Station
CC-3000 Computer Interface
Mono Mount
Long Range option available
New online cloud based data hosting and web portal also available as option to CC-3000 computer link

Price: R 15 980.00ea excl VAT



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